Vertical gardens

Green Architecture is the integration of plants and water with a building. The vertical garden or living wall is a garden placed vertically on the walls. It is not a form that can be found anywhere in nature, but with the right tools it can be created with great success.

SemperGreen has found a way to successfully unite tools and technology and set up this long-life facade system.

SemperGreen is an innovative solution for many of the urban problems, such as urban heating, climate change, noise and air pollution. Living walls make improvements to urban areas for both man and animal.

Knowledge of plants

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of plants, SemperGreen selects only the strongest plant types of plants. Combined with many years of experience in breeding plants since 1998, SemperGreen offers a perfectly grown façade that always has at least 90% coverage of the surface.

Adds value to the building

A natural and sustainable look, combined with a reduction in energy costs, means increasing the value of your property.

Extends the lifetime of the facade

The living wall provides protection from external impact such as sun, rain, wind and temperature oscillations and prolongs the lifetime of your façade.

Increases biodiversity

Plants included in the living wall represent habitat for birds, butterflies and insects, especially in urban environments that are mainly concrete and asphalt.

Absorbs rainwater

The living wall absorbs rainwater as the plants and substrates act as a water buffer. It postpones the discharge of rainwater into the sewage system, purifies rainwater, and water also evaporates through the plants. This all helps to stabilize the groundwater level, reduces the load on the sewerage system and thus reduces the risk of flooding.

Instant green wall

With the carefully pre-processed SemperGreen board you can achieve an instant green result. When delivered, the facade has a coverage of 90%.

Maintenance service

Thanks to a maintenance contract, you do not have to worry about maintaining a live wall. SemperGreen deals with plants for you and ensures that they are lush and green throughout the year

More social interactions, less vandalism

Working or living in the green environment connects people. It is well known that green environment has a positive impact on social cohesion. More green areas suffer less from aggression, violence and vandalism.

The living wall offers many benefits at economic, ecological and social level. It helps to clean air, reduce ambient temperature, regulate temperature, and increase biodiversity. Living walls are part of a climate resistant structures. Moreover, people are happier in the green environment than in the grey environment.