School 1.Maj Vladimirovac

School 1.Maj Vladimirovac, Alibunar

Project by: GHVC Studio, Studio A&D architects

Photo by: Relja Ivanić

The school ” 1st May in Vladimirovac” is attended by 340 students. Total reconstruction of the School was made in 2018 and in this way, they have created a new facility which is according to the latest standards and also meets standards for fire protection.

To avoid the repetitive nature of conventional schools’ architects used their own formal expression, creating a multi-faceted and inspiring environment for the students.

Both students and teachers certainly deserve to have a good school building and in general school building should provide spaces that will benefit learning and development.

The harmonious combination of different colours on façade has a cool modernist touch to it, a playful combination of fiber cement panels in beige, grey, red, green, yellow, brown provides the signature element of the school.

Silbonit fiber cement panels on the façade presents a perfect solution because they have a great selection of colours as is their versatility. We were able to cut them in many different, shapes.

Panelling was designed and installed as a ventilated facade, which have also an excellent thermal property.