Kayak Kanu Klub

Project by: Sangrad-AVP

Authors: Vedran Pedišić, Gordana Gregurić Miočić

Photo by: Erick Velasco Farrera

New sports facility for kayakers from Slavonski Brod is provided with the most modern conditions for practicing this sport.

It is spread over two floors and has a total of 740 m2. 120 m2 gym, changing rooms, massage room, kayak storage and workshop, room for guest clubs, large terrace on the upper floor and office space for club management and other facilities.

The shape of the house on the ground floor is dominantly full, and on the upper floor is completely transparent up to the roof hovering over the site as a symbol of a raised, carved kayak that it held up when entering the water.

The walls are made of hollow bricks, while the facade is ventilated and coated with our fiber-cement panels in dark Lavagna tone. The façade and roof panels are in dark color while the interior is in light wood color which gives warmth to the interior atmosphere.