About us

bioPLUS brings quality and innovative solutions to its partners, for the design of ventilated facades and interiors. We are present in Southeastern Europe, where we develop customized solutions that are „tailored“ to satisfy the needs of a particular project in the field of ventilated facades and interiors.
A strong commitment to the “tailor-made” project approach combined with more than 15 years of experience directly on the field allows us to perform the most demanding projects.

Our mission is to allow the designers to realise his vision of a building envelope without limitation on the choice of materials, technology or aesthetics. Solutions that can be applied to projects quickly and easily but in the same time they create a unique, exclusive and modern look.

Ventilated facade

they have been named after a ventilated gap or gap of air between the insulation material and the external cladding. Because of thermal differences, natural rising air flow is created, which improves the thermal insulation of the building. During the summer period, ventilated façade creates the efficient and natural removal of heat accumulated in the façade.

Vertikalna pročelja

Basic elements of ventilated facades and their functions:

The supporting substructure

The supporting substructure is mechanically fastened to the supporting wall. The main function of the substructure is to carry the external cladding and to transmit the load that creates wind to the supporting structure. It can be of aluminium or stainless steel and wood.

Stone wool insulation material

– the thermal insulating material in the ventilated façade system must be strong enough to prevent it from tearing, and the greater the density of the insulation material is it prevents the infiltration of the cold air into the material itself. Stone wool panels are placed side by side and mechanically fastened in order to achieve the effect of pressing the panel on the supporting wall. Fastening of the of stone wool is made by specially designed anchor.
Panels should be laminated with glass layer in black or white colour, depending on the desired visual effect. This improves the following characteristics of stone wool:

  • longitudinal air resistance
  • hydrophobicity of the plate

Ventilated gap

the size of the ventilated layer is at least 3 cm. The role of this layer is the dewatering of moisture from the object caused by condensation (from the inner, warmer space to the outer, colder environment) as well as the water that could penetrate through the exterior cladding. In summer period, it prevents heat penetration inside the building, and in winter time it is an additional thermal insulator.

Exterior cladding, decorative layer – this layer of façade determines the visual appearance of a building and can be made from a variety of materials.

bioPLUS uses only natural materials for decorative exterior cladding such as fiber cement, natural stone, wood, green facade-vertical gardens. There are several reasons why we have opted for natural materials:

  • Whether your style is traditional or modern, natural materials can always be well adapted to every home,
  • Natural materials are durable and most of them are fire resistant. The facades made with our decorative materials have a life expectancy of over 50 years. Furthermore, natural materials do not require special maintenance, and installation is quick and easy

No matter whether you want to sell the house or just want to renovate the home you live in, installing ventilated façades will make a significant return on investment. Many homeowners believe that the façade made of natural materials is more expensive than those made of artificial materials such as metal composite, HPL and similar, but they often forget about the added benefits and values ​​of natural materials: durability, resilience, beauty …

Increase the value of your home with façade made of bioPLUS natural decorative materials!

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